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When are the
markets held?

Next slow saturdays event: Saturday 9th November 2019 / 10am - 2pm / Kingsland, Auckland


What is a stall?

It's a marked floor space approx. 2m x 1.8m in size. You will be assigned the space in the order you placed your booking. On the day your spot will be marked with your name on it. If you hire a table this will be provided otherwise the space will be left empty for BYO table/rack to be setup.

You can share a stall with a friend but to keep things simple we would like to deal with one point of contact.


what is the cost
of a stall?

Each space costs $50 to secure.


what’s the deal with tables?

Need a table for your stall? don’t stress you can hire a trestle table for an additional $12. Just be sure to pre-order what you need so we can have it ready for you on the morning of set up.

Dimensions of the trestle tables provided: Table top is 75cm x 180cm, with a 76cm height.

Of course if you have your own table or racks that's great! Please make sure it fits comfortably within the 2m x 1.8m space. We recommend you setup your table/rack and arrange clothes a few days prior at home to make sure you can get it setup quickly on the day.


You would like to sell?

We’d love for you to join and become a seller, please be aware you just need to be 18 years and over to sell at the venue. Please also note we prefer private sellers for this event and limit the types of items sold to clothing and accessories (so bags, shoes, jewellery, gloves, scarves etc).


what should i bring
on the day?

Please ensure all stock for sale is in a clean, well presented condition.

Bring what you need with you to display and sell your items:

  • Racks and plenty of hangers.

  • A table if bringing your own one.

  • We will provide changing station with a mirror, but it's always a good idea to bring your own mirror as it can get crowded - and who likes delays!

  • A chair/stool is handy so you are not standing the whole time and if you are selling shoes then you can offer it to buyers to sit on when trying them on.

  • We recommend you pre-price and tag all your items or group items and display their pricing to help inform hunters quickly.

  • Bring some float money so you can give buyers change. Bring a bum bag or something similar to keep your float and money earned secure close to your person.

  • Recycled/reused bags for buyers to carry their items in.

  • Our friends at Atomic will be right next door to get snacks/lunch. Don't forget to bring your reusable coffee cup for your caffeine fix, and your water bottle to top up on site for hydration.


what if I CAN’T COMMIT

Sorry – we cannot allow stallholders to arrive and set up after 10am – OR – pack up and leave before 1:45pm. No exceptions. If you can't stay until the end of the market, please consider our next event. Alternatively, you are welcome to have a friend help run your stall if you need to be elsewhere at any point during the day.


what if I cancel
or can’t make it?

Stall fees and any table hire fees are non-refundable should you cancel your stall or not arrive in time to set up or no-show.

You may transfer your stall to someone else if you can no longer make it, however you will need to communicate this to us at least 5 days in advance of the booked market date. Requests for transfers within 5 days of the booked market will be at our discretion. Please note, we will only change the name from yours to your friend's, however we won't deal with the money side of things, this will be between your friend and you. Only one transfer will be allowed per person.

If you are running late on the day please call us ASAP! If you don't call and you aren't there by 9.30am, we will consider you a no-show and may move another stall holder into your space. Costs will not be refunded. No exceptions.


cash, cash, cash

Again, this is a cash only event, so please be sure to price your items appropriately so giving change is easy. A trusty bum bag full of change is recommended :)


When you arrive

On the day, it will be ok to use the forecourt area in front of the church to drop off your stuff but you will then need to park your car offsite (usually First, Second and Third Avenues have free parking and are about 5 mins walking distance from the church).


The church has lovely wooden floors and they have asked that we take extra care when setting up equipment to make sure we don't scuff and damage the floors. In general if you see anything out of place or not working please let us know.

the church


Loss / damage to your goods

slow saturdays accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your property brought to the venue, whether within or outside the premises, and does not provide any insurance cover for such property, including that left secured in any storage facility which may be provided.



No alcohol or smoking is allowed anywhere on the property. Premises are protected by automatic fire alarms and smoke detectors.


Stall holders agree to set up their stall spaces in a safe and secure manner to ensure the safety of all shoppers. Entry and exit points are to be kept clear at all times. slow saturdays reserves the right to refuse admission to the event to any person without giving any reason and to eject or cause to be ejected any person and/or his/her goods and chattels at our discretion. slow saturdays accepts no liability for the loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person who enters the event area and all persons who enter the event area do so at their own risk.